Conference, 2014

In November 2014, Tri-States sponsored a conference at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, providing 14 presentations and training workshops focused on helping HRC members learn more about their work and the law. Topics included:

Putting a Face on the Transgender Experience 

PA Law 101: The A, B, Cs of Civil Rights Law Enforcement in Pennsylvania 

New Jersey Law 101: A Model for Comprehensive State Anti-Discrimination Protections

Delaware Law 101: The First State’s Anti-Discrimination Laws

Where’s the Protection? Issues for LGBTQ People in the Workplace, Housing, and Public Accommodations 

Creating Working Partnerships: How HRCs Can Build Relationships with Their Police Departments

Lunch and Keynote Address  

Prosecution and Adjudication of a Civil Rights Complaint in Pennsylvania 

Resolving Cases Through Mediation  

The Art of Investigation: When Mediation Isn’t Enough 

Cases in the News 

The ADA: Twenty-four Years and Counting — Disabilities and Discrimination 

“Ban the Box:” Fair Criminal Records Screening Standards Ordinance Race and Ethnicity: Where Discrimination Still Exists

Workshops, 2016

In May 2016, Tri-States offered a workshop in Philadelphia, “Building Bridges in Police/Community Relations.” Workshop objectives included:

  • Gaining insight into how implicit bias and unconscious and conscious prejudice impacts police and community interactions
  • Learning about examples of local efforts to improve police and community relations
  • Exploring the role of HRCs and effective strategies that can be used in community settings
  • Connecting with other HRC members as we explore our personal and community commitments

This workshop included interactive group activity and a moderated panel discussion about implicit bias and ways to strengthen relations between police and communities that they serve. Speakers included: a Deputy Police Commissioner from Philadelphia, an Abington Township Police Lieutenant, a US Department of Justice representative, two Temple professors, and a facilitator from the Anti-Defamation League. An employment lawyer who serves on the Lower Merion Township HRC moderated the panel.

In October, 2016, Tri-States presented a symposium for Conflict Resolution Day on conflict resolution and mediation as tools for human relations organizations.


Since 2012, Tri-States members:

  • provided technical support to members who attend meetings to discuss issues they have faced in their communities.
  • offered resources to community members.
  • provided help with ordinance writing/revisions.
  • supported relevant state legislation and procedures, such as work sharing.
  • shared ideas for local HRC initiatives with schools, community groups, and police.

Our members also continue to participate in the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (some serve on Advisory Councils); New Jersey Human Relations Council; International Association of Human Relations Organizations; and the Muslim, Sikh, Arab Task Force of the US Department of Justice.

Please contact us if you seek similar workshops and presentations that help create awareness of human relations issues.