A comment from Emil Sadloch, Facilitator of the Tri-State Human Relations Coalition, receiving the award from Don Benn, East Norriton Human Relations Commission, September 2016

“On behalf of the Tri-State Human Relations Coalition, I’d like to thank the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission for awarding Tri-States the “Partner Award” as part of the STAR Awards program. We are grateful for this honor.

Since our founding some four years ago, Tri-States has attempted to support the individuals from local, county, state, and federal agencies who carry out important work for their agencies in our communities. We seek to provide these committed individuals with information, knowledge, skills, and inspiration to continue the important work in human relations and human rights. All of our members and others they work with make significant contributions to making this an equitable and just society.

Tri-States appreciates the support from PHRC in providing us with meeting space and conference call access so members can participate in our meetings. And we are honored that our efforts have been recognized. Thank you for this award!”