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Coalition: a group of people, groups, or countries who have joined together for a common purpose.


The Tri-State Human Relations Coalition (Tri-States) was formed in early 2012. The group grew out of the need for new local human relations members to gain technical assistance and perspective as singular entities joining the landscape of county, state, and federal human relations agencies and commissions. Tri-States is a unique volunteer group serving HRCs in PA, NJ, and DE. It has been recognized by the US Department of Justice as the only such coalition existing in the country. Tri-States meets regularly in the PHRC Regional Office in Philadelphia to share information and expertise to support our collective and unique missions.


The group’s purpose is to support the work of individuals who serve on local, county, state, and federal human relations agencies who seek to eliminate discrimination. The Tri-States mission states:

The Tri-State Human Relations Coalition provides area human relations agencies with:

  • information about issues affecting citizens and work of the agencies.
  • information about local human relations activities.
  • advocacy for human relations activities and efforts to address critical issues.
  • referral to resources that can advance varied initiatives.
  • education about carrying out human relations work of the agencies.
  • support and encouragement to enrich our enthusiasm and spirit.

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Please contact us at information@tristatehrcoalition.org.